New game!

•December 23, 2007 • 1 Comment

Makplas have starred for the very first time in a game! (not doing very much) They star as pop ups during the game.

The game is an RPG game, you have to look after a town. Here’s the link…in fact, just click here.

You have to sign up and download it because the game dosen’t work online.


New Makplas! (dragon) + background

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I’ve gotten used to drawing Makplas :mrgreen:


You can’t doubt your esistence if you don’t exist to doubt it – so hey! You exist.

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The character that this whole thing was based on! + background

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Well, why didn’t I make that the first Floats? It would’ve taken me ages!!!!

Anyway, here they are! The black mage… scary…


New Floats (based on Final Fantasy)

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I made this while listening to this music. It’s┬áthe Final Fantasy III opening music.

The most beautiful games are final fantasy ones. I might only have 3 Final Fantasy games, but they’re so delightful to play, I don’t need any more. I have Final Fantasy Fables, Chocobo tales, Final Fantasy III and Final fantasy revenant wings. They’re all superb. When playing these games… always keep the volume on.

update: I’ve found whats actually on the ds screen at the time when the music is playing. here it is.


New Floats + backgrounds

•December 21, 2007 • 4 Comments


I made this one because I was on the brink of death. (I’m not kidding)


Dragon ones! :mrgreen:



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Floats official games are coming your way! You don’t just have to enjoy the pictures, you can enjoy our games, too! We will keep a widget of them on our sidebar.